Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to stay fit during Ramadhan

Today, let us share about how to stay FIT AND TOUGH during ramadhan....

Here are some tips, which I retype from my niece's book :) anaMuslim:::::::

1. have your sahur a little late

2. start your breaking of fast with kurma or at least plain water.

3. follow on healthy diet, eat wisely with simple menu such as :
¤ one plate of rice
¤ one portion of fish or chicken
¤ a bowl of mix-veggies
¤ one or two sweet kuih
¤ two slices of wholemeal bread or biscuit
¤ two slices of fruits (average size)
¤ a glass of milk
¤ six to eight glassesof plain water

4. don't eat too much during breaking of fast.

5. light physical exercise such as :
¤ walking
¤ brisk walking
¤ cycling
¤ gardening
¤ car washing
¤ sweeping
¤ cleaning

*wonder why i feel so tired? i have had enough rest during the fasting month... <<< if you trouble this.. juz follow the tips above.. Insyaallah you will stay fit during ramadhan..>>>

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