Thursday, February 14, 2013

Apa perlu saya buat?? Que terlalu LAMA....


Today's entry will be about? Rebate smartphone RM200.00 for youth age from 18-30 yrs old. Student and employee's monthly salary not exceed Rm3,000.00. wah.. seem so interesting but i've already bought a new smartphone. So I think no need to use this opportunity 'coz u also have to paid in a big amount just to get a new smartphone??? oh no... but it's okay.. ini semua duniawiiiii.... why don't they give us rebat to perform hajj?? haa... SAME STORY GOES TO THIS DUNIAWI THINGS LAH.. why don't govt give us a rebate to perform hajj.. for eligible muslim/ah with t&c.. 1Malaysia.. yes.. MALAYSIA!! we are ISLAM's country, why don't give all MUSLIMs a high priority.. so there will be no racial issue raise.

Dunia politik sekarang ni aku makin x paham.. apa yang diperjuangkan sebenarnya?? so better tak ambik port sangat..

Apa perlu saya buat?? Que terlalu lama...... this is a situation..true story and a complain from a patient to a Govt Hospital's service. weyyyyyy... initiative!! if u don't want to wait for a long que.. do something.. it's all about you. why dont you go to another GP clinic. spend some money if you don't want to spend some time (what a waste).

This is my channel to speak what inside of mine. so please don't get annoy.

Take care.


MTAeja. Randomly writing.

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