Thursday, July 4, 2013

Long Time Journey

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh...

Hi, it's been a long time since I didn't take a peak and looking onto this page because recently I've been busy with something that I don't know what? Maybe I'm just linger around wasting my time but sincerely I do so and feel wasted about what I've earn in my living just now. What did I've earn? I didn't earn too much I just like day by day feel lost and stuck into something that make my head feel dizzy and sometimes makes me feel like wanting to hit it on the hard wall.  Just let it broke into pieces then when I feel sorry I'll come back picking up the pieces and stick it back together with the glue.  Am I sick by thinking of something that irrelevant? Am I?

The question with no final Answer.. That's all what we all talk about everyday.  We keep on asking by the meantime we already know the answer.  So why we came up with nothing we have done just sitting and let thing happen? That's us "human being" that is nothing awkward for being a human coz it's our nature.  For not being thankful for what Allah has given to us..... always like that... Masya Allah..

The year of 2013 - this is the year that I feel like I don't deserve anything in this whole world.  Why dear?? All people around me who loves me, taking care of me, believe in me and so on.. but me? myself -- wasting my time by chasing people who didn't deserve my kindness, my love,my attention and my faith.. it's just me?? I'm sorry for that.

Today, I declare myself to deactivate one of my social network account just for a while because I feel annoying about myself by shouting my private life my dumb pic my silly thought in the wall for people put their attention to me. That's not me. Even at all.. I hate it.

Today also, i've send an application and my wish to change my attitude my time my mind set hoping that this application will be accepted by that receiver as for me I really hope to get into those place.. Really really hope since I've enter this job.

i wish that my wish will come true.

It's me MT Aeja talking about my wish and come up with miscellaneous things...

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