Monday, April 7, 2014

Write and Read (Tulis dan Baca)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Hai guys, girl, boy, pakcik, makcik, insan sepi, insan seni, insan-insan.. hehe...
how r u? wassup wassup?

Today, I'll like to write something about something.

Eh, eh before that, well, so long time no see yah? How do you do? Well, me it's kinda like, eh, I've got boyfie already and I am so in love. eh? ok ok..

straight to the point, straight to the point.

Today, this afternoon, me myself, want to write something about writing.

Dear fella, why I like to write?

Like this, eh (DT)

I like to write something not because I was good in writing or so on.

I like to write because I love to read? What does the link? Write and Read. Like and Love.  Like is a kind of situation you do in freely will. SO you will write when you feel free and got something to share.  Love is a situation/condition that you always wanted. SO this is mean that, I love to read coz I'd rather read than talk often. He he he.  Still didn't get my point?

I like to write because I Love to read back what I wrote in future, the more I write, the more letter I can read in the future.  Even though my writing is not neat enough, but at least I write something and it's a story about my life and it's something that can be my memory.  Hehe.. i'm so poor in memorizing thing, situation and something, so my writing sometimes helps me alot.

okay, tutup pasal Write and Read, aku mahu tulis sesuatu pula.. sesuatu yang lama tapi masih segar dan takkan expired (in Shaa' Allah)..

22 November 2013 - Declaring New Relationship

Pada tarikh tersebut, aku telah mengisytiharkan (declare) perhubunganku dengan seseorang (ya'ni lelaki) hehe.. well, sound mengenyam kan? tapi itulah kenyataannya. Yeahh Aeja fell in love again. and she felt so lovely.. eh eh..

Tapi yang pastinya, day by day I fell in love more and more with him. so next, kahwin la ya? tunggu lagi 5 tahun.. huhu...

k baiii...

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